Avid Client Monitor “Mode Not Supported” / “No Input” Error With Mojo or Nitris DX

If you have recently upgraded Avid Media Composer or are working in a 1080p/23.98 sequence for the first time, you may see the error “Mode Not Support” or “No Input” on your client monitor if you use the Avid Mojo or Nitris DX breakout boxes.

This is due to the Avid “Video Output Settings” being incorrectly set as PSF output.

To Correct:

  1. In Avid, with a sequence open, click on the Tools menu and select Video Output Tool.
  2. Locate the Output PSF or True Progressive setting, and change it to True P

You client monitor should now correctly display the output from the Avid monitor. 

NOTE: You may need to adjust this setting in the future should you switch between 1080p/23.98 projects and 1080i/29.97 projects. 

Some of my users have reported that changing the Crossconvert or Downconvert options in the Video Output Tool have also allowed for client monitor output, however, this is forcing Avid to convert the framerate of the sequence to one different then the project file, and may introduce artifacting or judder. Using the Output PSF or True Progressive setting is the best way to correct the issue.

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